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Grower Information

Creating Value for Grain Growers

Special One Grain is a well established grain marketer and pool manager that specialises in creating value for Australia’s grain growers.

Integral to change and expansion has been the development of trusted, long-term partnerships enabling us to continually deliver results for Growers. We have a proven track record of constantly improving our capacity to satisfy long term customers, of innovating, identifying and entering new markets.

– Online Services –

In 2011/12, Special One Grain launched a range of “Special” online facilities for pool participants to improve information flow on payments, cash flow calculations and documentation. Registered Growers have online access the following services:

– Delivery Details
– Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTIs)
– Equity Statements

Pool participants from 2010/11 were automatically registered and notified in the mail. New Growers need to email Special One Grain to register.

We try to provide information that complements the the requirements of Growers. Please email us if you would like to make a suggestion or correct any information provided.

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