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Here you can find answers to some of our more commonly asked questions.
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What services do Special One Grain provide?

Special One Grain are Australian leaders in grain and pulse marketing, linking growers to domestic and international markets. We run extensive cash trading activities and are one of Australia’s longest-standing managed pool providers.

What commodities do Special One Grain trade?

We trade most commodities grown on the east coast of Australia including Wheat, Durum, Barley, Chickpeas, Canola, Field Peas, Faba Beans, Lupins, Lentils, Sorghum and Cottonseed.

Where are Special One Grain based?

We’re on the ground working with growers across all eastern states and our marketing solutions are designed to accommodate growers across the entire region. We have offices in Dubbo, Walgett and Sydney.

How do you insure against payment default to ensure growers get paid?

As a grower-owned organisation, we’re heavily invested in ensuring growers get paid. Special One Grain protects our growers by enforcing very strict terms and credit limits for all buyers. Further security is achieved through having counterparty payment insurance protecting against payment default.

What risk mitigation strategies do you have in place?

We adhere to a strict risk management policy and trading limits, as governed by our Directors Delegation Authority. We also work closely with IKON Commodities to construct efficient trade solutions to help balance and manage risk, based on extensive market research across the agricultural supply chain.

How do you manage logistics?

We work with growers to organise convenient and flexible transport and storage solutions across all eastern states. Growers can deliver their commodities to:
● GrainCorp
● AWB Grainflow
● Emerald
● Various Private Stores
● Various container packing facilities
● On-farm storage (by arrangement).

Our logistics team are heavily focussed on efficient, streamlined execution and have strong relationships with well-serviced trucking companies. Our export team works with container packing facilities and shipping companies from across the east coast of Australia, exporting from all major Australian ports. Extensive packing options and competitive rates ensure we’re returning maximum value to growers.

How do I get my harvest into a Special One Grain pool?

We work hard to ensure that the marketing programs we offer each year are relevant to the season. Details of our current marketing programs are available on our website or contact our Grower Accumulation team on 1300 28 12 28.

Do I have to put my harvest into a pool with Special One Grain?

Cash Trading is now a major focus of our business. We have extensive cash trading activities that service our domestic and overseas end-users on a large variety of commodities. This cash trading business is a reflection of the change to the way growers want to market their grain. Contact our Grower Accumulation team on 1300 28 12 28 to discuss pricing.

Do I need to be a member to utilise your services?

We can assist all growers with their grain and pulse marketing, regardless of whether they are a member. If you would like to join our Cooperative by becoming a member, call the team on 1300 28 12 28.

Are there any fees or charges that I need to deduct from Special One Grain estimated silo returns (ESRs)?

Special One Grain quotes pool estimates net of fobbing and management fees. We strive to provide ESR guidance that is simple to understand and reflects the final return without unnecessary complexity. Growers simply apply the relevant location differential and deduct the industry levy to arrive at the net silo return.

What export markets do Special One Grain trade with?

Our export market destinations are South East Asia, and the Indian Sub-continents. South East Asia is Australia’s biggest customer in cereal grains. Our buyers are flour millers, feed millers, oil crushers and food manufacturers, purchasing Australian Wheat, Barley, Sorghum, Cottonseed, Field Peas, and Mung Beans. Buyers in the Indian Sub-continents are looking for Chickpeas and Lentils for the food market.

How long has the business been running?

Special One Grain has been a leading Australian grain and pulse marketer since 1987. We offer growers expert marketing and price risk strategies, based on long-lasting relationships and more than 30 years’ experience.